Sunday, January 17, 2010

Family blog?

If you haven't already heard, I'm going to get a new little brother or sister this summer (end of June)! Its about time... Mommy is getting OLD! Its her 30th birthday today! That's 15 times more birthdays than me! Man that's a lot.

I'm personally hoping for a sister but Mommy and Daddy seem to want a little brother. We'll see who gets their way.

Since I'll always be helping out being a good big sister, it seems silly to have multiple blogs. Soon this blog will be converting to an Adams Family blog. Mommy and I are discussing who should narrate. I think I'm much more clever (and cute), so it should be me. Feel free to throw in your 2 cents... I love to play with coins!


I love hats! I should be a hat model!

You can never have too many accessories.

Walls, Roof, & Big Open Spaces

There's been quite a bit of progress since the last time we've updated you about the home improvement projects. We finished putting in the hardwood floors downstairs. All the floors are done now except for the entryway. Give us another couple of weeks...

Contractors are much faster at making progress - maybe its because its their job, not their second or third job. So just a reminder, here is a 'before' picture. Note how SKINNY the kitchen was and how DESPERATELY it needed updating.

The next day the wall came down and it looked like this...

The wall with the slider will eventually contain a new french door fridge and a double wall oven. In the middle of the big open space there will be an island with a gas cooktop. The wall you can't see in either of these two pictures (above and below) will have lots of prep space and the sink.

The dining room lost some square footage due to easements but will still be a nice 8.5' by 12' space in front of the sliding glass doors. Hopefully, this time next month we'll have a new fully functional kitchen!!

We're also nearing completion of the master closet. Hopefully, we'll finish this long weekend and post some pix.