Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reptiles, Tigers, Race Cars and Elephants, Oh My!!

We went to our first fair with G'ma Lily and G'pa Will. It was AWESOME!  We got to do some much fun stuff.  We started by buying a couple pretty rocks and then got to pet a croc!

Then Davin tamed a tiger.  The tiger tried to get Daddy but Davin got it under control quickly.

 I got to ride a beautiful girl horse... but Mommy didn't any good pictures of me

 Then Grandpa Will let use each got on another ride of our choice!  Davin chose the race cars with Mommy.
I chose the Dumbos with Grandma.  Next time I'll go with Grandpa.
 We can FLY!!
It was a great day... and it wasn't over yet... that was just the morning.

Road tripin'

ROAD TRIP!!  We checked out Point Reyes and picked up a bunch of oysters for a feast the next day with Auntie Ea and Uncle Jesse.  (Cousin Dylan wasn't allowed to eat any oysters... I ate his share ... plus some more. Yum!)

 Beautiful (foggy) beaches.

 Super yummy lunch on the back of the car looking out over the bay. Great impromptu picnic.

Hanging out at the Cowgirl Creamery before chowing down on some delish ice cream.  Davin got covered in chocolate!! Overall a great day and mini road trip!

California Cousins!

Mommy had to go to Cali for work earlier this month.  We all got to tag along and meet our new Cousin Dylan!  Another D to add to the list. We had a ton of fun hanging out with the fam. 

 Daddy and Dylan bonded quickly.

I took my time getting to know Dylan and waited patiently to be able to hold him all by myself.
Oh NO!!
Baby Dylan.  Davin still wanted to be the cute baby... he is cute though.
 We went to the beach... I hated it... it was COLD!!  Mommy's right... for the beach... Southern California is way better.

 Davin didn't mind though.  

So we headed to the woods to warm up a little. 
Big tree... big tree!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

End of school

I think this catches us up with June... where did the summer go? Its almost time to go back to school!!

Mommy and Davin came to my end of school celebration. Daddy was out of town for work.
My class and I performed the book "Where is My Mother?" in spanish.  I was a sheep. After the show, we had a big potluck and then I played (aka ran around like a crazy girl) with my friends.

Luke's birthday

More catch up from June...

We had a mini vacation up in New Jersey.  First we went to Luke's AWESOME firetruck birthday party. We got to go in the firetruck and even hold the firehose!!  Lots of water and lots of fun.  I think Daddy had the most fun out of us all though.  He did the firehose twice. The firemen raced to put on their clothes and showed use their helmets and gas masks.  Spooky... but not really. They're there to help us!!  THANKS to the firemen and to Luke for inviting us!!

Davin's Happy Birthday Presents

Catch up from JUNE... I know...

Davin had been OBSESSED with Daddy mowing the lawn. He pushed around his TowMater truck like it was a lawn mower... but this was WAY better.  His very own lawn mower.  It goes right next to Daddy's in the shed.

He also got a super cool water table! We were so excited we started playing with it even before it was set up and without any water.  It was even better once we figured out how to squirt each other.

We had a small birthday celebration on Davin's actual birthday.  Cupcakes... YUMMY.

Davin also got a soccer ball... but instead of playing soccer, he mowed the lawn for another hour and didn't want to leave it to go to bed.

He also got a slightly belated birthday present that took some assembly... and a lot of Daddy sweat.  We think it was totally worth it though!
Picture to be posted... I promise.

here's the promise... a PLAYSET!!