Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh deer.

Last night we went for a walk and saw a deer.  We recently discovered that there's a path into the forest at the end of our road... only two blocks away!  The path leads through the forest to a flowing stream.  Right at the entrance to the path, there was a beautiful deer standing, waiting for us.  We walked slowly and the deer let us get within about 10 feet.  Daddy wouldn't let us pet it though - "we don't pet wild animals".  It was still really cool though.

... Davin thought it was a big doggie.  I think we might have convinced him it was a deer by the end of the walk.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fourth of July

We walked to the high school to watch the fireworks again this year.  We were worried that Davin would be scared and/or cranky - he was cranky all day.  But as soon as we saw all the people and kids, we were both running around like crazies.  I begged and pleaded and finally convinced Daddy to use all of his cash to buy us some glow necklaces.  I really wanted the light up swords but Davin and I decided the glow necklaces could be swords too.

When the fireworks started, Davin was a little scared and wanted to sit on Mommy's lap.  I was on Daddy's lap.  After a little while, he decided they were okay and went back to running around and playing.  Every once and a while he'd look up.  He missed a lot of beautiful fireworks!!

That's Davin holding and shaking a glow necklace while watching the fireworks.

Monday, July 11, 2011


I've been afraid of the thunder and lightening this summer.  To try to help me calm down, Mommy told me about the Greeks who believed that there was a man named Zeus who made the thunder and lightening.  Daddy said he had to let the plants know that wonderful rain is coming so he makes lots of noise and flashes them with light.

Tonight there was a big rain storm coming during our walk.  Daddy carried me and Davin home really really fast so we didn't get caught in it.  I told him it was okay... it was only Zeus.

After my shower, Mommy said that the storm had almost passed us.  I replied, "Oh, is that Zeus' bum then?"