Friday, June 15, 2012

Catch up - Anne's Wedding II

Mommy finally figured out how beat google! Yeah, pictures from Mommy's camera. 

 The Girls... and Davin

 Davin was looking very cute...

but of course I was also cute AND important.  I was one of the flower girls.  I had to make a circle with flower petals. I did better than at Auntie Ea's wedding - I actually got flowers out of the basket this time.  Davin was jealous and ended up following us around in the circle. He didn't have any flowers though. I did.

Of course, the best looking people were the bride and groom.

They had lots of props for us to take pictures with... a gold frame.

 Fit for a princess like me.

I guess Mommy and Daddy too.

  They also had umbrellas.  They were fun to play with.  Here is Mommy's friend Zoe with her daughter Laila.

 And of course me... looking cute again.

oh and Davin too.  It was a super fun wedding.  Thanks Anne and Alex for inviting us.  Maybe next time we can go swimming in the Quarry.  Or you can come over to our rental house and swim in the lake... more on the rental house and the fun times there in the next post! And then we might be caught up with April... oh wait we still have Easter too.  Oh well. Who needs another timeline.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catch up: Anne's Wedding I

At the end of April we took a LOOOOOOONG roadtrip to go to Anne's wedding in North Carolina.  We rented an awesome place by the lake with Mommy's friends and their kids.  Lake fun to be found in Part II (right now we only have some pix from the wedding courtesy of Anne, but more to come now that Mommy has a way to download pix to her iPad.)

 The lovely bride posing for a photo op.  I'll see if we can find one where you can see all 'the girls'.  You can see me and Dav though... and that's whats important right?

We played with bubbles, balls, and got TATTOOS!

One of the best pictures of Daddy EVER!

Rebecca and Harper checking out the dance floor.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Auntie Rhian

So she's not really our auntie, but we love her anyways! She came all the way from Maine to dc to visit US and we had so much FUN! We all took the day off on thursday and played... The park, a walk, and the zoo! Bears, pandas, elephants and crocs oh my! 

 The traditional photo with the panda statue.

 Snack break!

Um... there's a monkey in your butt Mr. Sloth. Silly Monkey!!

 On Saturday we went to the Bethesda Imagination festival. We had a grand old time at first - making funky lemonade, decorating a cookie, dancing up a storm, and getting balloons. But the sugar high faded and multiple fits set in. We were homeward bound... Causing me to throw another fit. Somehow that didn't change mummy's mind though. It's okay in the end. Instead, we played with water and mommy & Rhian had G'nTs... We weren't allowed to have any though.

We were sad to say goodbye, but we'll see you again soon, Auntie Rhian. XOXOs