Thursday, July 24, 2008


As promised, I've recovered from my trip to LA and have been working on my crawling. I've been 'scooting' around for a little while now, but I mostly went backwards. Everything just kept getting farther and farther away. I thought, this moving thing sucks! I'm better off staying put. But something about the plane flight to LA caused me to make my first breakthrough. I figured out how to get up on my hands and knees when I got to Grandma and Grandpa's house in LA... at about 3am my time. A couple of days ago I figured out how to take about 2 'crawls' forward... which meant I went about an inch... but hey, it was FORWARD.

Well, today I did it. I made it to the holy grail - my rubber ducky. By the way, Anna, I like duckies WAY more than you do! But then again... I like bottles even more than ducky. Its not pretty... but it worked. I'll only get better from here. Oh and I even went from (use bad Chinese accent here) crawling-position to sitting-position three times today!

For scale, each square of the mat is 1 foot by 1 foot.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have good news! My gunky eye is no longer gunky! Yeah!! I don't know if Dr. Anita did something or L.A. smog cured it or just 'time'... but its all better! Now people will stop looking at me funny and running away. It wasn't pink eye people! Not contagious! I just had a clogged tear duct. Oh well.

I am a little worried about something though. Mommy & Daddy always told me that my eye was fine and that it made me 'special'. Does that mean that I'm not special any more? :-( I've still got my funky toes (see April 13th's post). Does that count?

Other than that, nothing much going on here. I have my last swim class on Thursday. Mommy hasn't drowned me yet. Daddy's going to take me to the last one though... we'll see how that goes. I've been getting better at swimming... when I actually concentrate and don't just watch the other kids. I even blew bubbles today... multiple times... and then drank some water. Icky!! But the teacher was very proud of my bubbles. (She doesn't know that I blow bubbles in Mommy's juice all the time! He hee.)

Next post I'll try to convince Mommy & Daddy to take some pictures. I hear Grandma Aileen is coming to visit soon... and then Grandma Lily and Auntie Ea too! And after that we're going somewhere far away again - T&T? Don't know what it means but Mommy & Daddy are pretty excited.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

4th of July

If you haven't figured it out by now, I went to LA for the fourth of July weekend with Mommy. We went to see Mommy's old neighbors at their annual 4th of July block party. It was a beautiful day. There were lots of new neighbors with babies that I got to play with and watch. Some of the old neighbors came over and oooh and aaaahed at me too.

It was a long fun day - my first independence day. It was actually a really long fun trip. I was exhausted. Grandpa rocked me to sleep - while introducing me to all sorts of new music. It took me until about the next Thursday to recover from the trip to LA. There was just so much to see and do. Everyone was really nice too. Thank you to everyone who played with me and gave me presents. I hope to see you all soon.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Wide World of Dr. Anita's House

On Saturday, we went to Dr. Anita's house... well Dr. Anita and Steven's house in Westchester. I got to explore so many new things there. I met my first doggie up close and personal. I had seen the neighbor's little Jack Russel running up and down along the fence, but never got too close. I was definitely close to 'Chicken'. Funny name, 'chicken'... Mommy & Daddy always point to food when they say chicken.

Chicken is Dr. Anita's baby girl, just like I'm Mommy's baby girl.

I think Chicken started to get jealous of all the time Dr. Anita was spending playing with me... well at least I think it was playing. Everyone was laughing at something... something about her always being a doctor. That black thing with the silver circle at the end was a toy right?

Whether we were playing or not, I had lots of good food. While the big people ate carnitas and korean bbq, I gummed down a couple strawberries. Nothing like fresh California sun ripened strawberries. Yum, Yum. I washed it down with something yummy to drink.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beach Brunch

We had a full Sunday in LA. First we had brunch with Mommy's friends from college. Julie came all the way down from San Jose.

Lindsay drove down with Alex from Santa Barbara. I was very excited to have someone close to my age to play with - Alex is a little more than a month older than me. She could crawl though. It was quite impressive... another month and I'll be doing that!

Alex and I played in Bridget's huge kitchen while the adults made brunch. It was fine when we each had cups - though she had mine, and I had hers. We had some issues learning to 'share' the spoon though. Alex seemed to really like my wooden spoon. It was my favorite toy that Grandma gave me. In the end, I let her play with it. I was more interested in eating her head than eating the spoon.

After all that play, we took a short walk to the beach. I stayed awake just long enough to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time... and then passed out. Alex passed out in her stroller too. Mommy told me that people passing by were laughing at how we fell asleep. I didn't care... I was tired!! Its been such an exciting weekend... and I still had another party to attend!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pool Party!!

My Auntie Jan threw me a 'Welcome to the Family' pool party on Sunday afternoon... it was my second party for the day. I'm such a popular girl... in California. At least there are people who love me somewhere. Too bad they're not closer to me in D.C. Though they'd all say, too bad I'm not in Cali! Mommy & Daddy say we're too poor to live in Cali. I can hope and pray that one day we'll be rich, but I'm not holding my breath since they're both scientists - smart but not very well paid.

I went in the pool - for the first time. After all, it was a pool party! I played motorboat with Auntie Jan and Auntie Kristy and generally splashed around. I'm going to be way ahead of the class for my first swim lesson on Tuesday. I'm not sure I love swimming, but I didn't hate it... so I figure I'm well on my way to beating Phelps in the 2028 Olympics (he should be old by then... he hee.)

Then I got to open presents. This is the production for just one of my presents. The bow came off the box and immediately into my mouth. Mommy decided it was safer and cuter on my head. I, personally, preferred the ribbon. It wasn't sticky in my hair. I already went through a balding period, I didn't need more of my hair lost to a silly bow. What we sacrifice to be cute.

As it turned out there was a hat (and a dress) in the box. I decided that I'm not a fan of berets. My cousin looked much better in it that me. I guess Paris isn't in my future - no froggy hats for me! - back to the bows.

I did like this bottle of wine - made by the company Dahlia. Some was mumbling something about age-appropriate gifts... good thing I don't know what that means... because I was ready to start sucking on that bottle.

Instead, I got a taste of my first cake. You can't read it (and well, honestly, neither can I), but one of my aunties told me that it said 'Welcome Dahlia'. It felt funny when the white stuff squished in my fingers. I didn't get a good taste though. They cleaned me up before I successfully got some INTO my mouth. I managed to get it all over my mouth, but not really in it. If Daddy where there, it would have been all over my face, and hair, and clothes... Daddy likes cake fights.

After the desserts (there were mini-cheesecakes, brownies, etc), we headed back to grandma & grandpa's house. I slept the whole way there. The next morning, I also slept through half of the flight back home. I didn't like the last hour of the flight. My ears kept hurting and I wanted to move around. Though there was a good roller coaster ride for a little while. That was fun. It was so bumpy that I almost hit my head on the cabin ceiling. We got back home safe and sound. I think it will take me a good week to recover from all the excitement. Then I'll get back to learning how to crawl and looking cute in all of my new clothes! Thanks everyone for the presents and for just having fun with me! It was great to meet you. Sorry I got cranky sometimes.