Sunday, August 18, 2013


I had a couple of big big firsts recently.
While munching on bread in Switzerland, there was a 'crack' and bam - I have my first loose tooth! We were going to have a contest to see what country it would fall out in... but it had a long way to go.  I've still got it now - so the question is Maryland or New Jersey.

My other big first is my first boyfriend... and latin lover.

Davin and I started at Bethesda Country Day School after we got back from Europe. That's where I met Thomas. Not Thomas the Train but Thomas from Colombia. 

He's an amazing artist and drew me pictures and love letters everyday for the week that we were together. He was also a gentleman and always got me a chair, next to him.

 But alas, our love was short lived. After just one week, Thomas had to go back to Colombia with his Mom.

 Our good-bye kiss.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nomads - via everything but camels

We miss our house, but we've been so busy traveling around there's little time to be sad - though we drove by our first family home and the new owners painted the door a purple that just doesn't work. :-(

Anyways... so our travels... to EUROPE in honor of Auntie Petra's wedding! Instead of just checking out Croatia - mommy was afraid it would be too hot, and she'd overheat again - we took a road trip that covered a lot of the Alps and nearly every type of transportation... 

PLANES to and from Zurich, Switzerland

TRAINS, to almost the top of Europe, Jungfrau

and AUTOMOBILES, most of the time... 

We also WALKED, but usually ended up on Daddy's (and sometimes Mommy's) SHOULDERS.

by GONDALA - to the mountain side town of Murren and to the top of the Dolomites.

by BOAT... We skipped the other type of gondala in Venice and stuck to the valparettos

and finally... by ROLLER COASTER!!  Our first roller coaster ride - the Osttirodler in Austria. We said "Wee!" all the way down.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Going out with a BANG!

We didn't leave our house without cramming in a LOT of last minute fun and time with friends.

We got to say good bye to our friends by celebrating Anaya's birthday.

 There was even a train ride and couple carousel rides as part of the party!

We took advantage of the great local farms and picked us some berries!  Yum, yum. (The buckets also made fabulous hats!)

We also took our last few days to hang out with our neighbors. 
 who helped us celebrate Davin's birthday too...
 and Maddy and I just had fun with our FIRST sleepover. And yes, we actually slept too... by 11am.

Finally, we enjoyed the Kensington July4th festivities. One of the best 4th of Julys yet. The bike parade actually happened this year - last year it and the fireworks were cancelled.  And better yet, they gave out FREE POPSICLES!

 And if we hadn't had enough sugar... we had a pre-fireworks bonfire - complete with S'MORES!
 And of course, the fireworks to celebrate our first family home... oh yeah and America's independence.