Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Glimmer of Hope

Yesterday we got our counter tops! It almost looks like a kitchen now. Though don't be fooled, the cabinet people screwed up the most expensive cabinet... we've been waiting 2 weeks for the replacement. None of the appliances are hooked up.

We don't even have a working sink yet.

But the countertops are beautiful. The pictures at night don't really do it justice... the veins are black and green and there's big chunks of purple. Daddy is just happy that Mommy is happy (well except for all the people she's yelled at about the cabinets). I'm just happy that I have more places to hide and a place to put my juice box.

A week in PJs

A week of being snowed in and then being sick equals many days in pajamas. Its okay though. I've got some FABULOUS pjs including my great "Hoo Hoo" pjs. A week of snow and sickness also means lots of snacks and TV...

And cuddles with bunny and blankey...

wondering when I can go to the park...

And despite the snot... lots and lots of cuteness.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Record setting snow

Weekend snow storm... aka Snowmageddon. I tried to go play in the snow on Saturday... but I just got stuck at the front door.

Once I got out of the front door it was more fun getting stuck in the snow. I caught snowflakes on my tongue while making snow angels.

No one found it necessary to plow during the storm. Some crazy neighbors with big trucks made sure there were two tire tracks to walk in. The snow was so tall!

By Sunday, there were some better paths for walking...

and driving. I could see over the snow much better on Daddy's shoulders. It was a bit icy, but I just thought it was fun when he slipped. He never dropped me. (There were a couple of close calls though.)

Everything got covered again yesterday. We got another ~foot of snow. I didn't get to go out and play though. I got sick. boo!! Daddy is sick too. He's been sleeping all day.


Kitchen progress is a bit on hiatus right now with the record setting blizzards back to back. However, there has been a lot of progress since the last update. We got drywall.

And then got to paint it all before the cabinets came in. Oh yeah... and under all the drop cloths are new porcelain floors.

I was a huge help priming the walls.

Check out my beautiful paintings!

Its even better in color.

Now Mommy and Daddy are going to have to buy me that easel to keep developing my painting skills.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


It snowed again. A really good amount of snow - almost to my shoulders. Right now we're all watching the snow plow get try to get un-stuck (for the second time) at our corner. It is apparently true (the news is bound to get something right) that some of the people driving the plows are the administrative assistants! After my nap I get to go do trash can sliding again. Yeah! In the meantime, we've got power and TV to watch the superbowl (Go Saints!) and the Chelsea v. Aresnal game. Once the plow moves and stops blocking the intersection we should be even able to go somewhere... if we need to.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh Brother!

I told Mommy and Daddy to take it back. I want a baby sister, but apparently I'm getting a baby brother. Oh man! Mommy and Daddy are excited about having a baby boy though.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beautiful snow

So we had snow this weekend but it was the icky stuff - dry and slick. Hard to walk in.

Last night we got some of the pretty snow - light and fluffy but still wet. The kind that blankets all the tree limbs and makes everything beautiful.

I got to play in the snow this morning while Mommy cleaned off her car and Daddy shoveled a path for the cabinet delivery guys. Yep, we're getting cabinets today - installed tomorrow! Yeah.

But back to the interesting stuff... snow. I made snow angels all by myself. And then I went ghetto sledding. Ghetto sledding? Whats that you may ask... well... it happens when your Mom and Dad are too cheap to buy you a sled and use what is handy. This morning for my first sledding experience... the garbage can lid was handy. Thats right people I sled down our little hill in the front yard on the lid to the garbage can... and it was FUN!! I didn't want to go to day care. I wanted to keep sledding. Mommy and Daddy promised I could do it more in the evening or tomorrow. We're also supposed to get another small snow storm on Saturday, so Sunday might be a sledding day... maybe even with something more advanced (less ghetto) than a trash can lid. :-)