Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grandpa Jim & Nanna

Way back at the end of March, Grandpa Jim and Nanna came to visit us. 
They brought some of Daddy's old toys for us to play with.  
 His old rainbow puzzle with his name in it.
 And we already had Daddy's old wooden trains... but Davin has rediscovered them and loves them way more than I ever did.

We also showed off our skills.
 I can twirl like a princess.
 Davin is still working on walking.
 Daddy was teaching me how to juggle.
 Davin just eats them though.

We showed them our bad sides too...
 Floppy baby.
 I wasn't listening well.

But it was a lot of fun.  We colored Easter eggs... a month early.

 And had fun playing at the froggy and spider park.
They spent a lot of time helping Mommy and Daddy building a shed too.  I wanted it to be a new playhouse for me... but Mommy and Daddy are being selfish and said no.  (The window is in now... but the door still isn't quite up... almost there... as of 4/20/11)


Its been an insane month since our last post.  Sorry for those of you who are going through 'withdrawls'....
Luckily, most of my grandparents have visited us during that time, so you can't be too bad yet!

But we're back now and will work hard to tell you about the last month and whats going on now.

To start with... tonight was tons of fun (until the end).  It was so beautiful out, Mommy and Daddy scratched dinner and ordered pizza so we could all play outside.  While we were outside, my new friends Sydney and her family (baby Zoe, Sheryl, and Scott) stopped by and hung out with us - swinging and playing with sidewalk chalk.   Then we had a yummy pizza dinner and went for a walk.  We didn't get far.  We finally found my birthday buddy Ben's house.  He was outside with his neighbors playing in a sandbox.  I convinced Mommy and Daddy to hang out, have a glass of wine, and let me play with Ben and Hannah.  Hannah's brother Evan joined us too.  Everything was great until... well I was too tired (past my bedtime) and I had an accident and had to go home.  :-(  We're still working on not waiting until the last minute to tell Mommy and Daddy I have to go to the potty when I'm tired... uh... I'll do better next time.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

While Daddy's away...

we will play!

Daddy went to Orlando to see Mickey Mouse without us the first week of April.  So instead of getting mad and jealous, we made beautiful pictures for Daddy's birthday.

And we went downtown to see the Cherry Blossoms.  At first Davin didn't want to be downtown... he still wanted to be sleeping in the car.

but he eventually warmed up to the idea... some chips helped.

He also liked all of the water and fountains.  I liked the stars... I don't really understand how stars are heroes and dead people though.

Playing mommy... 

Shh... don't tell anyone that I picked a flower... everyone else was doing it too!

Strange clouds... 

I like climbing trees... but I think this one was a little too high.  It would have been easier if Daddy was there to help hold me up.

Holding the rail.

This seemed easier to climb.

It was a good day.  It would of course had been better (and easier on Mommy) with Daddy.