Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cali 7: Back again

Finally we made it back home after a great trip to California. Again, I was good on the 5+ hour flight across country. I passed out for about 2 hours and then happily watched Moo and Baby and then Baby Fishy (aka Finding Nemo).

Now I'm home with my Choo Choo backpack (Thomas the Train) and Dora bag (Thanks Auntie Mesu!) . I also know lots of new words including "Dancing Party", "b*t@%", "Grandpa", "Grandma", "Happy Birthday", and many many more. Thanks everyone in Cali for playing with me, teaching me, and well having fun. Hugs.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cali 6b: The Wedding

The wedding was beautiful. For Northern California, or really anywhere, the weather was perfect. I was worried because Mommy cheaped out and didn't buy me a matching sweater for my dress, but no need.

The wedding started off well by providing bubbles. The bubbles were supposed to be for the end of the ceremony, but I couldn't wait and got all the kids blowing bubbles before the wedding. We all got to chase after the bubbles at the end of the wedding too.

The wedding was held in a Dahlia garden in my honor. The flowers were pretty and all, but I got lost in the garden; they were so BIG!

They even provided good munchies. Too bad Mommy & Daddy made me clean my hands before giving Auntie Ea a hug!

I ended up doing a pretty good job with my flower girl duties. I walked perfectly down the aisle (and here walking back down the aisle with Daddy).

But I decided that the petals the older girls threw really were messy and needed to be cleaned up. There were a lot of petals to put back into my basket.

After cleaning up, Daddy and G'pa Jim and I started the dancing early.

It was a great wedding. I hope I didn't screw it up too much by yelling "Auntie Ea" in the middle of the ceremony (twice).... he hee. Congrats Uncle Jesse and Auntie Ea!!

Cali 6a: Gorgeous

I don't know why I was so cranky. The weather was gorgeous...

Auntie Ea was gorgeous...

And I was of course gorgeous.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cali 5: Going North

So I was great on the 5 hour flight from DC to LA. We were in business class so I had lots of room to play and watch Moo and Baby (that's what I call Monsters Inc.) I was not so good on the 1 hour flight from LA to San Fran. I think it was because I was afraid of the fog...

I was a little nervous about my flower girl duties as well.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cali 4: Relaxation

After a crazy busy weekend, we relaxed for a while until we headed up north to see Daddy's family. We went back to the park and hung out in G'pa and G'ma's newly renovated backyard. Good work G'pa Ken!

I could play with bubbles for HOURS!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cali 2a: Family

On the second day of my trip to California, we went to hang out with all of Mom's crazy family at Auntie Jan's house. I already knew the Poehls family tradition of eating olives off of your fingers. However, there was much more to learn. I got to practice throwing balls and learned to roll them down couch cushions (and incidentally learned to tear apart furniture).

Cousin Caroline taught me basic survival skills: how to text and how to play music on a cell phone. Mommy & Daddy are thrilled.

And of course, we went swimming. I blew bubbles and nearly mastered the froggy kick.

Cali 2: Hanging out at the park

I got to play in a great park down the street from G'ma Ai and G'pa Ken's house. The first time we went I was the only kid and played with G'ma a lot. The second time there were kids everywhere - but they wouldn't share their toys to play in the sand. Apparently their parents didn't teach them that sharing is caring! Good thing there were lots of other fun things to do.

The best thing was the see-saw! I played with G'ma and with Mommy. Its a magic see-saw which makes them weigh as much as me!! If only it was that easy to shed pounds.

Too bad we don't have a see-saw at home in D.C. I guess I'll just have to come back to LA soon.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cali 1a: High School Friends

The babies just kept coming! I met Olivia and Ava at dinner. They were cute little girls born 2 days apart. This is Ava with her grandpa.

The evening was really for Mommy to hang out with her friends Sasha and Anita. They stayed up talking forever. I passed out upstairs... I had been awake for 13 hours and meet 4 babies (each 4-5 months old) and got to play with Alex for our third playdate.

Cali 1: UCSB

We headed out to California for Auntie Ea's wedding, Grandpa Jim's birthday, and to visit family and friends.

We showed up in Cali and I was wisked off to Auntie Bridget's house to meet a whole lot of people. Mommy says that I've meet them before. I don't think so... there were some young babies there... and a lot of old Mommies and Daddies.

We had a lot of fun though. I ate two whole hot dogs and then jumped like monkeys on the bed with Alex.