Monday, December 31, 2007

Learning time...

Grandma Aileen and Grandpa are visiting me. I got to play couch commander and choose which football and soccer games we watched. Grandpa's been trying to get me to say my vowels and roll over. I can make the mouth movements now, but matching the sound with the mouth movement is tough.

My vision is getting better though. I can track objects and focus on my favorite things - like Daddy's face.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My First Xmas

My first Christmas and I'm so excited. Look at all the presents for me! Big boxes came from my great aunts and uncles with lots of gifts. I can't wait to open them.

Mom and Dad made me model some of my presents. My Auntie Ea is determined to make me a soccer player. The new booties look like cleats - though they look more like clown soccer cleats right now. It will be a little while before I can kick a soccer ball.

Great Aunt Susan and Uncle Karl turned me into a warm and fuzzy pink teddy bear.

I now have tons of new stylish clothes, more noise makers than Mom & Dad can handle, and more beautiful handmade blankets. Thank you everyone!! Now I need a nap before Grandma and Grandpa Poehls arrive from California.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Many Adventures

I helped to decorate the Christmas tree by putting on the first ornament.

Bath time with my new pink bunny towel from Auntie Anna & Uncle Masaya.

My first tummy time on my beautiful quilt "Cassiopea" from Kate. I loved the quilt but didn't like tummy time after a couple of minutes.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chubby Cheeks

I went to my second check up on Tuesday. I'm still healthy and growing like a weed. After 2 weeks I'm supposed to be back to my birth weight. Instead, I had gained a whole lot more - a pound since leaving the hospital and 12 oz since my first doctor visit. I'm now 7 lbs 3 oz! I think this is the only time in a girl's (or anyone's life) that its a good thing to gain 10%+ of your body weight in a week!! Mom is happy though - as I gain weight, she looses it.

While I'm gaining weight, the house is gaining clutter.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Adams Family Girls

Grandma Lily and Auntie Ea left today, but left a couple of presents for me under my first Christmas tree. We also took a picture in front of the tree. I'll miss being cuddled and coddled.

I also discovered the soothing comfort and fun of my new bouncer from our good friends Chris & Sarah. Thanks!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Par request from Auntie Anna, and others, here's mommy and me. (Happy Anna?) All the nurses said I looked just like mommy. I hope I look a little more rested (and a little less white) than her though. Daddy says we have the same double chin. :-)

Auntie Ea, my only real aunt, came all the way from California on the red eye to visit me. Even after 6 hours on a plane, she's more awake than I am. She's here to spoil me rotten cuz I'm so cute.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dahlia Maribella Adams

I finally have a name - Dahlia Maribella Adams. Yes, another 'D' in the family - might as well fit in. Can anyone else (who wasn't already told about it) spot the cheeziness of my name? My parents were going for another pattern with my middle name.

These pictures are just to prove that I am capable of opening my eyes. Its a rare event these days. Hey... I've had a tough week. I need lots of sleep to recover. Luckily, I'm home now with no more nurses shoving thermometers in my armpit and making me cold to do things like weigh me. I can finally start to figure out this crazy new world.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


My first picture. I'm covered with icky stuff but there's a nice guy holding me and keeping me warm. I think he likes me.

Doing what I do best... sleep. In case you're interested, the thing I do second best is eat.

Aren't I cute when I'm quiet? Though my hair would look better if they stopped putting the ugly hats over my beautiful soft hair.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finally here

34 hours after the last post... well at least after my water broke, Baby Adams joined the world outside of the womb. This post will be short as we are all very tired. Tomorrow pictures and a name. For now... here are the specs:
6lbs 9 oz
19.75 in
born December 5th at 5:59 am
Mom, Dad and baby are all healthy and recovering well from a long labor and delivery.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The beginning...

... of the end.

I was bemoaning having nothing to post this weekend. The baby has responded and given me something to post. My water broke at 8pm tonight. No contractions yet... I'm sure those will come. In the meantime, Dan is still making fun of me... after he ran around in circles for a little while freaking out because he didn't pack yet and didn't know what to do. Now he's calmed down and is back to making fun of me... which he promises will end once I'm in pain. :-)

Well the next post will likely be to tell you all the numbers and specs of Baby Adams and provide pictures.