Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Little girl... little girl

Who's that cute baby in the mirror? Oh, thats me. he hee... well actually I've only giggled once so far. Mommy seemed to have liked it, so I'll try to do it more often. I do like looking in mirrors though.

I'm also learning how to talk on the phone. I managed to get it to my ear, but I seem to have missed my mouth. The phone rattle was Mommy's from when she was a baby. It must be old cuz phones don't look like that anymore!! New phones have cool sounds and lights that I like to stare at.

When I'm getting too girly - looking in the mirror and talking on the phone - Daddy dresses me up like a little boy. At least I make cute little boy.

Mommy put me in a dress for Easter though. My favorite part about wearing dresses is being able to grab and eat it.

Its kind of like playing peak-a-boo. I'm learning how to play peak-a-boo with Mommy in the morning. Usually Mommy hides from me; this morning I held my blanket over my head and hid from Mommy. I smiled lots and then got to eat the blanket... yummy blanket. My hands were so tasty that I thought I'd try eating some more things.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Roooooad Trip! Mommy and I drove up to Massachusetts last weekend. Wow what a long drive - 8 hours! I spent a lot of time in my carseat. But I had a new toy that I'm learning how to play with. By the end of the drive up, I learned how to make it rattle and grab the fishies.

I got a little crabby a few times, but overall I was really good. I got to meet so many new friends!!

I first met Auntie Anna and Uncle Masaya in New York City. I liked all 3 - Anna, Masaya and NYC. There were so many people and things to see in the city. I got so tired from looking at everything that I fell asleep in Masaya's arms during lunch. I'm waiting to see my pictures with them - they're not on mommy's camera. (I got to see them again today, but I was really cranky cuz I was tired - sorry.)

I met so many other people too!! Here is a way too cute picture of me, Auntie Mary and Kennie. We played together all day on Sunday and on Saturday night. I even wore pink for Auntie Mary.

Scottie woke up from his nap just to come see me.

I even went to my first egg dying party, on St. Patty's Day. I didn't actually dye an egg but I got to look at everyone else's beautiful eggs. They were very fancy with stars, rubberbands and lots of different colors. I at least wore green to get in the St. Patty's Day spirit... I mean, we were in the land of the Irish. Thanks for inviting us Kate and Annette! I also got to meet Cheryl who just happened to come down from New Hampshire! I'm so happy we were in town at the same time. I love my new wooden bunny pull toy. I'll work more on standing up and walking so I can play with it soon. (It will be a while longer until I can fit into my other easter present... but I agree, Kate, every girl needs an Atlantis t-shirt!)

Now the real reason we came up to Massachusetts... to see Auntie Carly's defense! I got all dressed up in my first dress for the occasion. Though I slept through the presentation, Mommy says you did a great job. CONGRATS!!! I hope you (and your mom) got a good baby fix this time. I'll see you again in a month for some more cuddling.

I did lots of 'rounds' at WHOI and met tons of new people - thanks for playing with me! I must say that I got quite spoiled with all the nice people holding me - I miss you all already.

Until then.... to all of my new friends (and everyone out there) HAPPY EASTER!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

3-month old day presents

I forgot to thank the Reyns family for my birthday (3-month old day) presents! I got a fun new mobile that I like to stare at and new toys. Daddy is especially excited about the non-girlie clothes!! THANKS!! -d

Thursday, March 6, 2008

3 months

I'm three months old!! Wow how time flies. Hum... some of my new tricks. I'm getting better with my hands. I've now successfully brought my paci to my mouth 3 times. Shhh! Don't tell Mommy and Daddy that it was an accident. I've pulled it out of my mouth way more!

My legs are also getting really strong. I can stand up... with a little help. I can hold my weight, but someone has to make sure I don't tip over. In my defense, I'm usually standing on someone's lap - not the most stable platform... Mommy's still got a few soft spots. :-)

Now if I could only sleep through the night, Mommy and Daddy would be really proud... they can dream.