Monday, February 21, 2011

Baltimore Stairs

This weekend we went all the way up to Baltimore to see Auntie Anna and Luke.  They were visiting Luke's cousin Lucie.  We all had lots of fun playing together, though the trip to the duck pond was cold... and a duck bit me.  It was Daddy's fault.  By the end of the night, after some YUMMY pizza and cake, I didn't want to go home.  Lucie and I tried to convince Mommy to let me stay for a sleep over, but mean Mommy said no.  So I had to leave... full of yummy food and tired from so much fun with friends for the car ride home.

Davin also had a lot of fun playing.  Though, I think his favorite thing was the stairs.  They had lots of stairs, but in small increments.  Davin first mastered the two stairs between the entry way and the play area.  Then he conquered the three stairs between the entry way and the dining room/kitchen.  You just can't stop this kid!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hum... so I guess I haven't been doing a great job updating everyone.  Davin has been pulling himself up to stand for weeks now... sometime at the middle/end of January.  He's now starting to 'cruise'.  He can cruise along the couch.  His new favorite thing is to use something like my tow-mater truck or the laundry basket to "walk".  He pushes it along and then takes steps behind it.  He did this for the first time in LA at the beginning of the month using a laundry basket. It was too heavy with me in it, but we flipped it over and it was perfect.

Look one handed.

Welcome to the world, Baby boy Sicolo

Baby Ava has a new baby brother!  I hope she took good notes. 

Amazing, we were just at his baby shower. Now, Baby boy Sicolo came out to play.  Too bad we missed meeting you.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

California - 7 Noah's Ark

For our last full day in California, we went boating... on Noah's Ark at the Skirball Museum.  First we went to a room with a crazy lady who told us that it was about to rain...

I didn't see any rain at first but there were lots of animals made out of crazy things... like fans, bath tubs, and dim sum steamers.

There was a bell in the middle of the deer... wierd.

Then we took a HUGE elevator down... 

And then I started to get it... there was a HUGE boat... I'm mean ark... 

Grandma and I made it rain and flood.

I made the two story tall giraffe's neck move back and forth.

Davin found a room made out of corn.  Now if any peditricians are reading this and are concerned that a 7 month old is standing up... he stood up all by himself.  Good luck getting him to sit down.  He loves to be tall.

While Davin was playing, I got to work getting all the animals on the boat so they were safe.

It was a lot of work, so I met a new friend who helped me.

Eventually we got all the animals on and I joined Davin in the rooms made out of grains... again, wierd... but fun!

Did I mention the animals were strange... cool but strange... 

Deeper in the ark there was a rope playground to climb on.  

Davin found some blocks, 

while I climbed... 

and played... 

and played... our 2 hours in the ark went by really fast.   I'm not sure I know what Noah's Ark is, except fun.

Too bad it was our last day in California.  We had lots of fun... the beach, parks, new friends, sleeping in a tent... so much fun.  We can't wait to come back and visit again soon.

Monday, February 14, 2011

California - 6 Santa Monica

Mommy went off to work again, so we hit the beach! 

We didn't make it to Disneyland this trip because Davin was too small, but we did get to see Mickey and Minnie. 

The pier had lots of great rides without all the lines and the ticket price!  I rode a train with a clown or was it a hobo?

And the carousel!  I didn't like the horses going up and down but did like riding in the princess sleigh.  Davin took his first carousel ride with us.  

But Davin's favorite part was the beach.  He had his first sand experience a couple of days ago at the park.  He ate the sand then and didn't like it (maybe the first thing he put in his mouth that he didn't like to eat...) so he just played in the sand at the beach.  

He wasn't shy about going to explore.  There were a few other older babies, but Davin was better at crawling and playing.

And we had a picnic.  I love picnics!  

After the picnic, grandma and I made a sand castle and splashed in the water... but it was COLD!

Overall, a great day at the beach!  I can't wait to go back.  Too bad Mommy missed it all.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

California - 5 Choo Choo

On one of Mommy's days off, we went to Travel Town to see lots of trains.  Mommy said it was better when she was a kid because you could climb everywhere.  That must have been a long time ago.  It was still fun checking out all the trains.

Davin got to be the conductor, though he had to sit on Grandma's lap to reach the levers.

The train cars were huge and fun to run in.

Checking out old engine No 1.

I tried to peak in the dining car.

The best part was the train ride!!

And the train whistle I got to blow as we rode around!

Friday, February 11, 2011

California - 4 Duck Park

Mommy is really bad at taking vacations and insisted on doing some work while in California.  While Mommy was off giving talks, Davin and I played with Grandma Aileen and Grandpa Ken.

One of our trips was to a new park with a big duck pond.
Daddy duck.

I got to feed the ducks bread.  I threw the bread really far!

We also played on the playground.  Davin went sliding for the second time (without a sock).

And played with sand for the first time.  He only ate a little... yum.

He's still an ambivalent swinger though.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

California - 3 Poehls Family

Most of Grandpa Ken's brothers and sisters came over to meet Davin and see how much I've grown.
I got all dressed up in a new dress and a new tiara for the occasion.

I made a special new friendship with cousin Alex.  He seemed to really like my vReader.

Auntie Anita, baby Ava and her grandma came over to play as well.