Saturday, November 29, 2008

Walking Take 2

So it has come to our attention that some people are not satisfied with the quality of the last video post. While we can't do much about the resolution right now, here's a couple new takes in the daytime, so the lighting might be better. Also the videographer tried to wobble less. Ya'll are so picky!! :-)

Daddy... daddy... yeah daddy... ooh... camera... clunk.

Here I am showing off not one but two new skills - walking and waving bye-bye. I can even say bye-bye, so bye-bye for now.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday, I had my first Thanksgiving at Lara and Talon's place in Virginia. Thanks for inviting us! Yes, we had to cross a state line in order to find friends with which to have Thanksgiving. Lara and Talon and their friends were very nice and put up with me. Lara's cats weren't quite as happy. I managed to get one by the scruff. Apparently cats don't like it when babies attack them. Hum... The doggies at the park don't seem to mind.

We, of course, don't have any pictures. Daddy had all the food ready on time, but I wasn't ready. In all the rush to get me, my toys, my jacket, etc, etc out the door, Mommy forgot the camera. So no pictures of me eating turkey. No pictures of me stealing Mommy's drum stick while she tried (key word: tried!) to play the drums for the video game Rock Band - she was really bad... for those who know the game: she had to get saved twice. (In her defense, she did have only one drum stick for half of the song.) So instead of cute Thanksgiving pictures, here's some other fall related pictures and generally cute pictures for your enjoyment.

Grandma Ai came out to visit last weekend and we played in the leaves. She made me wear shoes, which I hated... though my feet didn't get wet or cold which was nice. (BTW I now hate shoes a little less than last week.)

G'a ma also got me a birthday present (that I like) - Tow Mater Ride on. I love it!! I push the (annoying) buttons every morning. I now even dance when I push the button "Its time for music!" Though I haven't learned my ABCs yet (another button). I also love it when daddy pushes me around really fast. I'm thankful for G'a ma... And for Daddy...

And Mommy...

And all of my stuffed animals. :-)

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New friends

It seems that my list of friends will be growing soon. All (well at least 5 - correction 6) of Mommy's friends seem to be making friends for me to play with... if only I lived in California or the UK. There are going to be babies EVERYWHERE! I'll be a good older sister. I'm a big girl now (a whole 28" tall) and can teach them lots.

Lots of love to all the soon-to-be Mommies!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Walkie Talkie

So its been a little while since I last updated you all. I've been a busy girl though. I've improved my walking skills a lot. I'm now just as graceful as Mommy.

Not too much else is happening here. Grandma Ai is coming to see me next weekend and I can't wait to show off. See ya soon!