Thursday, October 21, 2010


Squish, squash, spread, fill, roll and SQUEEZE!  I LOVE making sushi!  

Now if I only could figure out how to eat it! At least I munched a lot while making them.
Now I can make eggs, sushi, oatmeal, lox and bagels, burritos, pancakes, and waffles.


Sometimes this is rare...

Early Halloween

Mommy and baby Davin will be in Portland for his first Halloween, but he still has to look super cute for all of her colleagues. How is this?

Me and Mommy

Beautiful Butterfly

I went to a Fall Festival and came home a butterfly.

Mommy says I'm a study in contradiction... I don't know what that means.  Whats wrong with wanting to be beautiful and also wanting a Spiderman animal balloon instead of a flower?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hey, that's my chair!!

Baby brother has started to take over my hippo chair.  Grandpa Jim gave that chair... and I want it back!  Besides, a 3 month old shouldn't be sitting in chairs yet!!

Next he's going to start drinking my juice boxes too!!

Coo and Caa

Baby brother is getting LOUD!  He likes to try to talk.  Mommy got a couple of seconds of talking before she ran out of memory.  Mommy's really gotta work on the technical difficulties!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Roll over...

News flash... baby brother rolled over for the first time today!  Go baby bro!

Fall Festival

Last weekend we went to the Fall Festival.  Mom was expecting a couple lame crafts and a small petting zoo... boy was she wrong.  She should have charged the camera battery (again... though I should take some credit as I keep playing with the camera and draining the battery).  The Fall Festival was great - though the petting zoo was pretty small.  I got to feed an alpaca and a goat.  I even pretended to milk a cow.  They had an archeology dig where I found a metal genie lamp and some old ceramics (probably from way back when Mommy & Daddy were born).  I learned how to do tinsmithing - once Mommy found a chair so I could reach the table to hammer.  I also did some laundry - with a bucket and water, washboard and a rolly-squeezy thing to get it dry. My favorite part was the ice cream followed close behind by the hay maze and play area.  There were a whole lot of other things for slightly older kids too - clay pot decorating, candle making, bouquet making, etc.  All for the entrance fee of $10 per car!  We're definitely going back next year!  Even baby brother liked it.

My tinsmith project - girl in a raincoat.