Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The flowers so beautiful and bright.
The trees so luscious and green.
But why do you torture me so.
Make me sneeze and itch.
I toss and turn all night
because of this respiratory glitch.

We've all got bad allergies this season. It is supposed to be one of the worse seasons on record due to the record snowfall (aka water) and warm early spring. Daddy has been suffering the longest. Mommy only recently started suffering, but she seems worse. I'm chugging along with a runny nose and a cough in the morning. Luckily, I'm okay for most of the daytime/playtime.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Auntie Ea & Uncle Jesse - Miss you!

Every day was so much fun with Auntie Ea and Uncle Jesse. We played bubbles and soccer - whaa-pa-cha kick in the front yard. We had yummy bbq that daddy made outside. The weather was sunny and hot... but it could have rained and been cloudy, so I'm not complaining. My new toys are perfect for the hot weather. Auntie Ea and Uncle Jesse got me a crazy sprinkler to play in and an octopus bubble blower. They're awesome. Daddy took the day off and we played all day. Hopefully someone took some pictures that we can post soon.

I hope you come back soon!

Auntie Ea & Uncle Jesse - Jesse's B-day

Sunday was Easter and Uncle Jesse's birthday. We went out to eat on Saturday night for Jesse and Daddy's birthdays. I chowed down - I loved the duck confit, cured black-foot pig, and white asparagus salad.

On Sunday we started with an Easter Egg hunt. "I found it!"

(First part of the video is super cute... then we don't know what Uncle Jesse was doing with the camera.)

After I found all 2 dozen eggs, we got on a choo choo train and went to the city. First we had a picnic on the lawn and people watched. Then Uncle Jesse dragged us around the Air and Space Museum. Well, I rolled in my stroller and Mommy just sat there while Jesse taught me all about aerodynamics - Mommy's so lazy!

Family picnic.

Even the excitement of the choo choo train...

couldn't keep me awake after a full day of fun.

Auntie Ea & Uncle Jesse - gardens

Auntie Ea and Uncle Jesse came out to visit me. It was a last minute trip - Mommy & Daddy went crazy cleaning and painting before they came. Now the house looks much better!

I had SO much fun with them. I almost cried tonight when we had to take them to the airport. I wanted to go to California too!!

On Saturday we went to the gardens. Mommy, Daddy & I had gone 2 weeks before and everything had totally changed! All the daffodils and cherry trees were out in full bloom.

Family portrait in front of huge bushes covered with amarillo flowers (aka forsynthia). Aren't we cute... well at least I am. Mommy looks a little big these days and Daddy is pretty scruffy.

Uncle Jesse and I hung out under a weeping cherry tree to have a snack and watch the geese.

Checking out the turtles in the pond.

Me and Auntie Ea on the biggest butterfly EVER!