Friday, June 27, 2008

Oooole, Ole, Ole, Ole...

Ole... Ole
I went to my first professional soccer match last Sunday with Auntie Ea's friend Lindsey. She was visiting from California, so she routed for the other team - the Earthquakes. We forgive her though. Afterall, D.C. United did win the match.

I guess I enjoyed the match. I spent much of the first half eating and buying a commemorative t-shirt... though I didn't really miss much. No one scored until the second half. Then there were 4 goals... but by then, I was sleepy. All of the cheering just kept waking me up. :-( When we got home I was EXHAUSTED!

Once we get the pix from Lindsey, we'll post them.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Chow Time

I got some great 6 month b-day presents. Look I have a hippie dress! I also got lots of other cute clothes. I got this too - a high chair!

I really liked the box. I thought it was appropriate to eat it, since afterall, a high chair is for eating. I could hold the whole box all by myself (even though it was a little bigger than me).

We had our first family dinner with everyone sitting at the dining room table. Just like a real family.

I got a sippy cup too. I haven't figured out what it does, but I sure like to chew on it. And it even looks like I'm drinking out of it!

I do know what to do with big glasses though! I love getting a little juice out of Mommy & Daddy's glasses. I need help though. Otherwise I'd have juice all over me (and sometimes I still spill a little - I get a little too excited and knock the cup.)

Thats all for now folks. Thanks for reading my life-story (aka blog).

I'm learning how to curtsy.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I'm such a Daddy's girl! We have lots of fun playing together.

I can't wait to play with my grand-dads again. Miss you! Happy father's day!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Official Weigh In

Lastest rounds of shots and measurements are done. The official numbers are:
16 lbs 1 oz
2' 2.5"
Basically that translates, to tall and slim (not skinny... a healthy fit weight). Thats not good for Daddy.

Here's just some pictures of me laughing and smiling - generally looking cute.

Currently, my favorite toy is a hanger. Its easy to hold and chew on. The next best thing is a spoon. So much for all of the expensive toys. Soon I'll like Mommy & Daddy's favorite toy as a kid - a big box!

I now fit into a lot of my dresses, just in time for it to be REALLY REALLY hot! I had a pretty grey one on in the pictures above. Here is my most girlie girl dress. I couldn't figure out if I hated it or not. Then I figure, you just have to laugh at how precious it is! Daddy decided to hate it. :-)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Half a Year!!

Wow... 6 months old! Where does half a year go? Its actually been a really long time for me... but probably really short for you. I learned all sorts of things during that time... and grew a whole bunch. Official weigh- in is on Wednesday, but the grocery store scale said about 16 lbs!!

My latest feat is ACTUALLY eating 'solid' (aka pureed) food. I had some good practice with rice cereal... but it was yummy carrots that did the trick on my 6th month birthday. I got lots of the carrots in my mouth and belly - and NONE of them in my hair!!

Mommy & Daddy also thought it was about time I started playing soccer. So I got my presents from Auntie Ea on - a pair of leather 'cleats' and a soccer t-shirt - and learned how to kick the ball, head it, and do some other fancy footwork. English Premier League... here I come!

Lots of people seemed to like the top picture from the last post, so Mommy is including other pictures from that 'photo-session' and a picture taken on my birthday. Mommy was pretending to be a photographer who could take portraits... :-) All these pictures should appease those of you who thought Mommy was being a blogger slacker - you know who you are. :-P Enjoy.