Sunday, January 27, 2013

Temporary Suspension of Service

We all got sick (well everyone except Mommy) for the beginning of January - yeah norovirus.  So much for that great start with ice skating.  So we had a good week of little sleep and little eating. None of us felt well enough for Mommy's birthday to go out or do anything... so she got stuck with Chicken Noodle Soup for her celebration dinner. Not even a birthday cupcake or song.  She did get an awesome new bag for her computer... very grown up and swanky.

After that poor birthday, Mommy decided to ditch us with Daddy for a while so she could go on some crazy long flight to a tropical paradise. Needless to say, that means we'll be without pictures and blog posts for a little while. 

Really its too bad for her because we're having tons of fun with Daddy.  We got to go to the National Aquarium with Daddy.  We saw a dolphin show and all sorts of cool fishies, including Nemo.  Davin's favorite were the jellyfish.  Figures... cuz Daddy is allergic to them.  :-)  Mommy said she saw fishies too on her trip (check out her science blog, link on the right) to hear about that.

And of course, it SNOWED in DC.  There was enough snow that I made an awesome snow angel and threw snowballs at Daddy.  Davin was cranky and didn't want to play in the snow.  His loss. Wish we had pictures... but the good camera is with Mommy and well... Daddy doesn't like taking pictures as much. "Thats why we have a Mommy."  You'll just have to wait until she gets back in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Great Day to Start 2013

Today we played "hookie".  I don't know what that means... there were no hooks anywhere.  But we did go into the White House, played in the Natural History Museum, and then went ice skating for the first time!! 

Why does the president have an obsession with colors?  White House, Green Room, Red Room, Blue Room, and the State Room which should have been named the Yellow Room. You'd think he was just trying to help teach Davin his colors!!  We have no pictures of the White House or the rest of the day because you're not allowed cameras... or really much of anything else... no purses, no backpacks, no diaper bags, no bathrooms, no strollers, no stun guns, no pepper spray...

After the little tour of the White House (and no we didn't see President Obama or any of the Obamas), we went to renew my passport. We're getting ready early to go to Croatia to Petra and Adrian's wedding!!  I can't wait.  I bet I'll even get a new twirly dress for the occasion. Davin liked the old post office station we were in to renew the passport better than the White House.

Then our usual trip to the Natural History Museum... Mommy realized that she's super close to the museum and Cara works there... so Cara if you read this post... email Mommy so she can get out of the office for lunch!!

The best part of the day was ice skating!! It was a cold day. But it was sunny and not windy. It was really beautiful 'skating' outside in the Sculpture Garden. Usually we just watch the skaters, but this time we were joined them. And even better, I didn't fall that much (mostly Mommy & Daddy caught me). Davin made it around the rink twice. I did more. We even let Mommy & Daddy have a couple of rounds be grown up time. Fun was had by all.