Monday, June 17, 2013

Last days of DC

We're going to miss museum hopping and enjoying all of the 'culture' - whatever that is. So we went downtown to enjoy and remember for Memorial Day weekend. 

Building and construction were all around - at the building museum with their new additions.  A great sand area with a digger!

High tech wall that builds the shapes people make.

And a blue room of giant cogs, wheels, nuts, and bolts.

And a room of the same things but smaller.

Just outside was a memorial for fallen police officers. I loved the flowers and tried to read some of the names.

But the craziest and loudest part was hours of Rolling Thunder rollin' past the Capitol building.

 There were thousands and thousands of motorcycles.  They never seemed to stop.

 Even DC itself is under construction.  I hope that when we come back again I'll still remember all the fun!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Been busy at home

Its been a while... but we've been busy - trying to find a new house, selling our house, and having a bunch of fun.

Since we're moving, we've been trying to enjoy the house while we have it.

It was also great to make some smores before the mosquitoes come out.

Over Memorial Day, everyone seemed to be around... so Mommy called up the bounce house place and we invited everyone in the neighborhood to have a hot dog and bounce... maybe not in that order!

Hanging out in the back yard. Everyone was chillin' between the food in the back and the bounce house in the front. We just kept on inviting people in... you walk by.. and you were invited.

And of course, our friends came  - its been fun bouncing and growing up with them.