Thursday, December 25, 2014

Xmas present - Part V

Finally... its Christmas. Everything was prepped for Santa.
Santa's helper came around with the fire department to make sure we all went to bed ontime.

Everything was ready... and Santa filled our stockings.  Yeah!  Only one piece of coal for the lot of us... and way more presents. We were super excited about all the great stuff we got.  THANKS!!

 ("Its just a rock... look at the presents!")

Apparently, Smoke should have gotten the coal because he ripped apart Santa in about 10 minutes.

 Santa even stuffed a stocking for Grandma.  He knows everything!!
It was a great Christmas.

Xmas present -- Part IV

We started a new family tradition - ice skating on Xmas Eve day.  We had a lot of fun on the ice.  Unlike last time we went skating (20 degrees F in Bryant Park), we were inside so it was warm and not crowded.

 Some hot coco with marshmallows AND whipped cream to warm up!

Xmas Present - Part III

A holiday concert. Davin put on a show.

Xmas present - Part II

Christmas Photo Shoot... well kind of.  At least a bunch of Christmas-y pictures for your enjoyment.

 At least the dog posed well.

Xmas present - PART 1

So... we've been remiss in both taking pictures and posting them.  
BUT... we did take pictures this Christmas so you can have a special Christmas post.  

For every Christmas, the first thing is decorating.
A tree... or a big furry green monster!

  Then you must hang the stockings with care.

Oh... the ornaments!  We forgot those.

Then to top the tree... with not one but...

Two stars!!  Like little antennae.  Best tree EVER!!