Saturday, February 7, 2009


Mommy's been home a week now, but we really don't have anything to post. I thought it would be nice to give Mommy a welcome home treat - so I got a new tooth and the flu. We've all spent the week hanging out together (no day care for me) at home. It snowed a couple of times, but I wasn't allowed to go out and play in it. Ah... that reminds me, Daddy took some pictures of me playing in the snow for the first time - a couple of weeks ago. The pictures aren't as good as if Mommy took them, but they'll have to do. If you look hard in the background you can see some white blurs - that's the snow for you Californians... oh yeah and the white stuff on the ground too.

In case you all were worried about me, I'm fine now. Perfectly healthy... now Mommy & Daddy... that's another story.


Grandma Aileen said...

That's snow? or a flake?

Dad/Lynn said...

Your dad first encountered snow when he moved from Hawaii to Atlanta. He though it was white sand and ran out into it with shorts and no shoes -- he didn't last outside very long. You appear to be much smarter as you have boots and warm clothing -- more power to you!