Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We've spent a lot of time at the new house destroying things. We've had the house two weeks and mananged to tear up all the carpet (it was UGLY), remove the paint from the stairs, tear down two closets and a wall, in the process of refinishing the hardwood floors upstairs and have no floors downstairs. Its been a busy couple of weeks.

Here's one of the closets, leftover furniture (that was REALLY HEAVY, but fun to climb on), and the original hardwood floors that were covered.

Daddy tore out the closet because it was poorly constructed out of aluminum struts. Here he's working on tearing down the wall as well. I tried really hard to keep up with the mess he was making... but he was just too fast!

Here's a picture of the outside of the house... which needs to be painted a new color... at some point.


Dad/Lynn said...

Sounds like you are going to have to pick up speed in helping mom and dad work on your new house. What fun you can have along the way and when it is done, you can say -- look what I did!!!

Grandma Aileen said...

Glad to see you found your cord. We go into withdrawal when we don't get these great updates. Hope you actually use COLOR on your walls!

Auntie Kristy said...

welcome to the ranks of homeowners, you will NEVER have to worry again on where to spend your time or money....there always seems to be something that has to be fixed or replaced!

Auntie Jan said...

Can't wait to keep seeing how things progress. . . so where's the guest room?

Auntie Lisa said...

Oh, the joys of fixer uppers. I do know a great Electrician who travels (we just got back from a "job" in Portland, OR for some friends). However, he MUST travel with his lovely apprentice or he doesn't get to go!