Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beautiful snow

So we had snow this weekend but it was the icky stuff - dry and slick. Hard to walk in.

Last night we got some of the pretty snow - light and fluffy but still wet. The kind that blankets all the tree limbs and makes everything beautiful.

I got to play in the snow this morning while Mommy cleaned off her car and Daddy shoveled a path for the cabinet delivery guys. Yep, we're getting cabinets today - installed tomorrow! Yeah.

But back to the interesting stuff... snow. I made snow angels all by myself. And then I went ghetto sledding. Ghetto sledding? Whats that you may ask... well... it happens when your Mom and Dad are too cheap to buy you a sled and use what is handy. This morning for my first sledding experience... the garbage can lid was handy. Thats right people I sled down our little hill in the front yard on the lid to the garbage can... and it was FUN!! I didn't want to go to day care. I wanted to keep sledding. Mommy and Daddy promised I could do it more in the evening or tomorrow. We're also supposed to get another small snow storm on Saturday, so Sunday might be a sledding day... maybe even with something more advanced (less ghetto) than a trash can lid. :-)


Granpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Sledding is sledding -- enjoy the snow while you can!

p.s. Hope you like you new kitchen cabinets...

Grandma Aileen said...

So with the 2-3 feet expected tomorrow you should be set! Pieces of cardboard work too and might not be as cold (but do get soggy if the snow's too wet). Glad to hear you have something to keep you from going into the street. We used to block off our street to traffic and sled down the street on days when school (& govt offices) closed.

Don't forget to ask your Daddy to help you make a snowman or snow turtle too!

It sounds like you have new walls up. Hope you got to help paint those walls too! Can't wait to see the pictures with new counters!