Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I was busy lamenting the lack of posts on other people's blogs, when I realized that we hadn't posted anything in weeks either. Mommy hasn't been taking any pictures recently, so nothing pretty to post but we can give an update.

Why does it always take the longest to do the 'final finishing things'. After 3 weeks of waiting we got our new oven cabinet - too bad the installer was on vacation. So a month later, we finally had all the cabinets installed - NEVER USE KRAFTMAID!! Oh... the cabinets are installed but we're still missing the doors on the oven cabinet because they put on the wrong type of hinges. Again... there have been a LOT of bad things said about Kraftmaid recently. The oven is beautiful, but currently doesn't cook anything - its only getting 120 V instead of the needed 240 V... electrician coming back tomorrow (after the KitchenAid repair guys came today). Other than the woes of the oven (and oven cabinet) we now have a fully functional kitchen including fridge, sink, gas stovetop, and dishwasher. Yeah! We've even moved the dining room table into the new dining room. The table looks really piddly now. And I keep getting confused. Mommy & Daddy tell me its dinnertime and to go to my seat and I keep forgetting it moved. In someways its fun too because I get to keep finding it!

The really exciting news is that its getting warmer out! So more trips to the park and outside to play in general. Yeah. All of the construction material is getting cleaned up this week, so I get to bring my slide and trikey and wagon out this weekend. Mommy said it might rain though... which is also okay. I love to jump in puddles! So hopefully there will be some good outside playing pictures to post soon. (That or we might FINALLY tile the entryway.... fun for Mommy & Daddy but BORING for me.)


Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

You go jump in the puddles and let mommy and daddy do the tiling -- that way you get to have fun and they get to vent some frustrations!

Baby Sheehey said...

Hey, we have been posting away on Erin's blog. I was thinking the same about other blogs out know who you are.

Grandma Aileen said...

We have stories similar to yours, but it was a switch in the middle of the wall we turned off because it didn't appear to go to anything - it did - the furnace. It took a trip out from the furnace repair guy to say, "Just turn the switch on and everything works fine!" .. a costly "savings" on our part.

Looking forward to final kitchen and dining room pictures with our favorite granddaughter demonstrating how to eat with chopsticks!