Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial day weekend was a long weekend of projects... not so much fun for me, but we got a lot done! Mommy & Daddy framed their closet wall and put up the drywall. I helped by giving Daddy all the screws. I left a few surprise screws in the bed for fun.

I did have fun playing outside while we did yard work. Daddy transplanted an azalea and planted two big big hydrangeas - I helped dig the holes. I did a better job than Daddy because I didn't break my shovel -- trip #3 to Home Depot was to get a new shovel.

Trip #1 & #2 were mostly to get parts for the toilet downstairs. Last weekend I helped Daddy fix the toilet. I got to use the wrench and found out what a wing nut is... and I now know that the wing part should NOT go into the rubber gasket. Apparently whoever 'fixed' the toilet last, didn't know that. This weekend we were trying to fix the toilet connector to the wall. 3 trips to Home Depot and 2 trips to Ace Hardware later and Daddy successfully fixed it!! It was a good thing too... because otherwise we wouldn't have any water.

I also helped to put together Baby Brother's room. I chose the spot where the rocker should go. I said it was okay to share that with baby brother. I got a fun foamy futon to play with instead, so I'm good. I also brought in some of baby brother's new clothes from Auntie Lindsay. THANKS! I must admit that I was disappointed that it wasn't a present for me... but there were some very cute things, so I'll forgive you. :-) Baby brother has a whole new wardrobe now! And we even got a new piece of furniture from IKEA to put all the clothes in.

It was an exhausting weekend. Luckily, I got to kick of the new week playing in the pool at daycare! Yeah for summer!!


Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

What fun you are having! Look at all the new experiences you are having. I am sure with all this experience, you are ready to take on your friends and families remodeling projects as well. We'll be waiting for you. In the meantime, continue to help mom and dad get things ready for baby brother and your landscaping...

Grandma Aileen said...

Great! Glad to know you are so helpful with projects around the house and you fixed the toilet! Can you hang curtains too?