Sunday, November 14, 2010


Oh how I love the zoo.  Saturday was a particularly good zoo trip!  Mommy got LOTS of great pictures and the animals were very active.  An orangutan scared me because he was playing peek-a-boo with me... but I didn't know it! He just kept jumping up at me, and I kept screaming... then smiling.  The elephants were more calm... they just showed off their booties.

The pandas were very active and like many other animals came down to say hi to me.

 Bye bye panda.

 Mommy and Baby Davin hung out outside of the red panda exhibit.  It was international red panda day.
And he was looking especially cute hanging out in the tree (after having a little snack).

The pandas were so cute, we had to cuddle with them.

People were stopping behind Mommy to watch us take these pictures.  We're not the zoo animals!!

Excited about horses!

 After the panda, I decided that I needed to climb on every statue I could find.  Who wouldn't want to climb on a giant anteater?
This was also a giant!  The sea urchins at Mommy's lab aren't this big!!  Though I get to hold the ones in her lab.
I learned that the zebras were white with black stripes.  The lady said she knew it was that way because they have white bellies.

Pretty kitty.

The sloth bear also liked me a whole lot.  He kept walking away and then coming back to say hi and then turning away again.  He was silly and did it over and over and over again.

I couldn't touch the big cats (below) but they did have the fur of a cloud leopard which was very soft.

One of the tigers was on the prowl.  He stopped and played in the leaves and then ROARRRRED!!

The big daddy lion RRROOOOARED back even LOUDER!  

Mommy and Baby Davin checking out the barn.  Late in the day the farm animals went inside to keep warm.  It was a beautiful day.. but it got a little cold in the shade.  It was cold enough and a long day so we headed home... with a long nap in the car for both me and Davin.

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Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Wow!!! What a wonderful day you and Davin had. Maybe you will take us to the zoo the next time we come visit; especially, since all the animals liked you so much...