Sunday, June 26, 2011

A day early

We celebrated Davin's 1st birthday as a family a day early because Mommy is going to Maine tomorrow and we'll celebrate at daycare on Davin's actual birthday.  We all got to go downtown and play at the building museum.

My favorite part (and I think Davin's too) was a picnic lunch at a fountain in the sculpture garden!!  We LOVE playing in the water, especially on such a gorgeous day!

 I'm practicing my modeling poses.

Then, at my request (for Davin of course), we went to the animal museum (Natural History Museum).  Davin liked the giraffe.

 He liked this "doggie" too.  He wouldn't believe me that it was a porcupine... he just kept saying 'doggie'.  He's a little slow. 

And then after both of us took naps on the way home, Mommy snuck out of the car to buy us birthday cupcakes.  

Davin kept trying to grab the candle rather than blowing it out.  I had to help him... see comment above.

He sure was fast at making a mess though!!

He decided Daddy should eat it instead of him.

I ate my pink cupcake without making a mess.

After everyone else had one, he finally decided to try the cupcake.  I think he liked it.

Finally, before bed and then end of a long and super fun birthday, Davin played with his presents that had arrived on time - like this fire truck.  It super cute cuz he tries to make car and siren noises when he plays with his toys!  What a big boy!


Grandma Aileen said...

Ah well, some day we'll figure out how to time the post. Hope he likes his present when it gets there. It's fun to buy it here, but then you have to wrap and send it! Much faster via the internet. Will try to send earlier next time!

Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

What a fabulous "one day early" birthday for Davin (and you got to have fun too)! The cupcakes looked especially yummy. Can't wait to see what your birthday party in December will be like???