Saturday, March 31, 2012


The morning of the first full day on the North Shore we went to an awesome farmers market.  G'ma and G'pa got us popsicles and we bought some yummy fresh ahi and papayas and veggies for dinner. Delish.

Even though it was raining for a lot of our trip, whenever there was a break we could take a 2 minute walk to the beach to one side or to the other side to turtle beach.  We saw 3 different turtles hauled out on the beach, hanging out.  

There were tons more in the water.  Daddy and G'pa went snorkeling with the turtles one day.

G'ma & I and Mommy & I had fun running in and out of the waves.

I also had fun looking for seashells and seaglass.

I have to say, the rental house had a really good location.

(beach on the otherside)


Granpda Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Swimming with turtles! Finding sea glass and shells! Just enjoying the view! We are very envious...

Grandma Aileen said...

Wow! I don't remember the turtles in the water being that clear. Someone either had good polarizing lenses or had a better reflection angle than me.