Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh to thee

Thee dedicate friends and family who have still been checking the blog despite the lack of a single post in a MONTH... Thank you for your love.  Still no fix on the computer, as Mommy has been too lame to actually send it in to get fixed.

We've been busy though -- built a new deck which is AWESOME (pictures to follow when able).  We had all of our breakfasts and most of our dinners on the new deck this holiday weekend.  We even decorated!  We hung giant globe thingies on PINK string!  I chose the string color.  The globes light up at night. Very pretty. They compliment the fireflies.

The highlight of the weekend though was going to Graeme's birthday party.  It was on his grandparents' horse ranch.  Davin and I got to feed a horse a carrot.  We all played pirates and princesses on their playset.  And best of all... there was a waterslide!!  I was the only girl who went on it by themselves... and I went over and over and over again.  Davin even went on it 4 times!  He went down with the nice ladies though... I think he was just trying to hit on them.  I bet he could have done it by himself.  Maybe next year.  I was sad to leave after so much fun... but I got a lolipop and other goodies as parting gifts... and I'll get to see all of my friends again at school.

School is almost over though.  Year end celebration is next week. Hopefully we can get some good pix of that.  And Auntie Rhian is coming to visit tomorrow. Yeah!!


Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Wow!!! Water slides and horses and gifts and parties and a new deck. Sounds like you are having s super start to your summer. By the way, give your mom a break as she doesn't get to have all the fun you and Davin are having -- she gets to just watch and enjoy the show.

Grandma Aileen said...

Your first summer vacation starts! Have you been taking pictures too? Hope your mom remembers to take you to pick blueberries and beans again at the big farm. Although I'm sure the water slide is more fun, it's not as yummy.