Saturday, August 11, 2012

Davin's Happy Birthday Presents

Catch up from JUNE... I know...

Davin had been OBSESSED with Daddy mowing the lawn. He pushed around his TowMater truck like it was a lawn mower... but this was WAY better.  His very own lawn mower.  It goes right next to Daddy's in the shed.

He also got a super cool water table! We were so excited we started playing with it even before it was set up and without any water.  It was even better once we figured out how to squirt each other.

We had a small birthday celebration on Davin's actual birthday.  Cupcakes... YUMMY.

Davin also got a soccer ball... but instead of playing soccer, he mowed the lawn for another hour and didn't want to leave it to go to bed.

He also got a slightly belated birthday present that took some assembly... and a lot of Daddy sweat.  We think it was totally worth it though!
Picture to be posted... I promise.

here's the promise... a PLAYSET!!


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Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Being into cutting the grass is a good thing (for your Dad as Davin gets to cut the lawn a little later in life). Aren't you glad you didn't get into that sort of thing?