Tuesday, January 14, 2014

NYC - the City

Before Grandma Aileen left, we all went into 'the City' to go to a children's bookstore. We all got new books! Davin didn't like the his first choice, but he did get excited when he found a book about knights.

After the bookstore, we went on a hunt for an ice skating rink. It just seemed like the 'thing to do' in NYC in the winter - run on ice next to a big building. We ended up at Bryant Park and it was awesome! Davin and I got pretty good at it after at least a dozen trips around the rink.

 Fancy Bryant Park also had a Merry-go-round. I pranced on a pretty pink pony. Davin rode a rapid rabbit.


Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Wow!!! U+Ice skating and books and a merry-Go-round -- that's a lot for one day. It seems like you were having fun though, and, you appeared to be getting really good at ice skating. With as cold as it has been, you should be able to get in a lot of practice. Maybe, next month when we come to see you, maybe you can show us a thing or two...

Grandma Aileen said...

Hope you get to go meet some authors at Books of Wonder in the City too. Daddy can find an ice rink nearer your house so you can practice some more, your lake will not freeze enough to skate on. I had lots of fun skating with you and Davin and riding the Carousel too. Tell Mommy that they are closing Culver City Ice Rink next month (boo hoo).