Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dahlia Maribella Adams

I finally have a name - Dahlia Maribella Adams. Yes, another 'D' in the family - might as well fit in. Can anyone else (who wasn't already told about it) spot the cheeziness of my name? My parents were going for another pattern with my middle name.

These pictures are just to prove that I am capable of opening my eyes. Its a rare event these days. Hey... I've had a tough week. I need lots of sleep to recover. Luckily, I'm home now with no more nurses shoving thermometers in my armpit and making me cold to do things like weigh me. I can finally start to figure out this crazy new world.


DadandLynn said...

Looks like your pattern is to go alphabetical with the middle names -- Diane K, Daniel L, Dahlia M.....
Nothing wrong with patterns--it certainly helps narrow down the range of choices....

Dahlia is adorable! Thanks for posting photos...we can hardly wait to see her in person

ekapooki said...

Jesse and I (and his sister) decided that the next one's name should be Dylan Norbit Adams (DNA). HA!!!!!!

PS - Dylan works for both a girl or a boy...:-)

Aaron said...

And coming from the computer engineering nerd, DMA stands for Direct Memory Addressing. (Had to say it)

RGW said...

Shish, I go away skiing for a week and you totally have a baby in the interim!

Totally cute, adorable and all the rest. Package for baby adams is in the post.

Hugs to you three.