Saturday, June 6, 2009

A few of my favorite things

1. Fresh snap peas from the garden
2. Laughing as they all go boom on Wipeout
3. Dancing and jumping
4. Watering the garden with MY watering can
5. Cheese - though not Daddy's icky kind
6. Summer fruit - berries & grapes
7. Bunnies in the backyard, in my crib, everywhere!
8. Picking flowers


Grandma Aileen said...

Eating fresh peas, tomatoes, and beans are good! Your Mommy did that too! Have you figured out that some flowers are not yellow yet? Does Mommy or Daddy put them in water for you to brighten up your room or the living room?

Dad/Lynn said...

What a great list of things that you like! I wonder what gets added to that list next???

Dalton Wyatt Gray said...

What kind is Daddy's icky cheese? Mommy eats all sorts of cheese but I'm not so sure about it yet. She tries to give me little bites sometimes. But I do like my cheesy tasting baby food!

Oh! Do you think you can have your mommy send my mommy some ideas of what I should get a girl for her first birthday? I'm going to a party next weekend.

anne said...

those are excellent things to consider favorite!

RGW said...

Summer fruits and sugar snap peas are two of my favorites too!

Auntie Lisa said...

We have a real bunny that comes out in the mornings and evenings to eat our front lawn. Our dog, Ken the Beagle (not named after your grandpa), walks right past it because the bunny is smart enough to hold still like a rock! But you should hear Ken howl when he gets a whiff of the bunny scent or sees the ones that live by the creek where we go for walks!