Monday, June 22, 2009

Helping Out

I'm a big girl now and can help out around the house (though I usually help in the kitchen by eating stuff.) I've been helping Mommy make trellises for the garden which required the use of lots of tools - just like in Handy Manny. By the way, "tools" and "Manny" are part of my impressive vocabulary.

After a project it is important to help clean up.


Dad/Lynn said...

Dahlia, if you want to practice cleaning, you are always welcome at our house!

Grandma Aileen said...

We have lots more tools than your Mommy & lots to clean too!

Love your soccer team shirt with that impressive number! 1/2!!

Auntie Kristy said...

Dahlia...tell your mommy and daddy that you have been such a good helper that you need to come out to visit the west coast family mid June. Your uncle Terry and Auntie Lisa are comming out with your cousins or second cousins (?) around June 20th. we would love to see you. Love Auntie Kristy

Anonymous said...

my apt needs cleaning since the nesting instinct hasn't kicked in... so come on over!