Monday, August 10, 2009

Cali 2a: Family

On the second day of my trip to California, we went to hang out with all of Mom's crazy family at Auntie Jan's house. I already knew the Poehls family tradition of eating olives off of your fingers. However, there was much more to learn. I got to practice throwing balls and learned to roll them down couch cushions (and incidentally learned to tear apart furniture).

Cousin Caroline taught me basic survival skills: how to text and how to play music on a cell phone. Mommy & Daddy are thrilled.

And of course, we went swimming. I blew bubbles and nearly mastered the froggy kick.


Dad/Lynn said...

It looks like you learned lots of new things while you were in Southern California. The swimming part is especially good because it is nice and toasty there in the summertime.

auntie kristy said...

Dahlia...we all had such a great time seeing you and mommy and daddy. what a big girl you have gotten to be and such a joy to be with you. i enjoyed the pictures of you and your trip to CA. well your uncle karl and aunt susan are back from hawaii...your auntie jan and uncle clay are on the way to hawaii..your uncle duane and aunt karen are in europe and i am on my way to vegas! we are all doing well and thanks for visiting. what a great time. auntie kristy with all my love.

Grandma Aileen said...

I have some pretty neat vids of you "dancing" circles to the cell phone tones. Precious.

Auntie Jan said...

Thanks for visiting. It was so much fun having you here. Come back soon.