Sunday, November 15, 2009

My HUGE room

My new room. Mommy just wanted to paint over the wood paneling but Daddy wanted to tear it all out. So... the carpet and the paneling were history. Afterall they were much much older than me... maybe even older than Daddy!

Everything's gone. Only old ugly tile floor and shiny stuff on the walls were left.

New drywall yeah! Thanks Nana and G'pa!

Mommy and Daddy put down new cork flooring. It looks all crazy but is fun to jump on. And Daddy and Nana painted it a pretty blue.

Still no trim or shelving, but who cares? I've got TONS of TOYS!

And what more does a girl need?


Grandpa Jim & Nana said...

Toys are good -- so, enjoy them as much as you can!

Grandma Aileen said...

I love the color of your walls. Still not sure about your floors yet! Sounds like you can get to everything easily with this storage scheme.