Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saga of the Walkin Closet

The Master Closet... we have often wondered what the previous owners were thinking... the master bedroom closet is definitely one of them. There was a closet within a closet but the actual closet wasn't deep enough for a hanger. Not even one of my baby hangers! So the decision was made to rip it out... and with it the lovely lace curtains.

One wall down. And whenever something comes down, another problem is discovered.

So another wall had to come down. They used cheap aluminum framing which means - no studs to attach things to. That just won't do for making a nice walking closet. I really think Daddy just liked tearing down the drywall!!

Hum... something is missing...

The new wall being built in the living room.

Grandpa Jim doing some drywall and electrical repairs, before drywalling the new wall (on the left).

Drywall going up!

Now its time to paint!! I love painting!! Really, I love anything where I can get messy and ruin my new clothes!

Daddy doing the tall people painting.

Soon we should have pictures of the painted closet... it might be a while longer until its an actual functional space though!


Grandpa Jim & Nana said...

We hope you like the new walls and colors...

Grandma Aileen said...

Tell Mommy and Daddy that you need "work" clothes to change into when you help with the remodel. "Work" clothes are not the same as "play" clothes and are not "good" clothes, right?