Saturday, December 19, 2009

House progress

This weeks progress... The cement in the trench hardened over the weekend, so it was all ready to build the rest of the foundation on Tuesday. In a couple of hours, we had a new foundation!

Friday, the contractor showed up early, a bit frantic to get the subfloors in before the big winter storm hit. He didn't like the idea of his foundation getting full of snow. So a huge truck showed up with lots of rocks to line the crawl space. They tried to get up the hill with no success (and a lot of damage to the lawn - though it was pretty ugly anyways.)

Finally, they gave up and dumped the rocks on the sidewalk.

At the end of the day, we came home to this... under the tarps is a new subfloor. Yeah! Good thing, since we've already got 6" of snow and we've got another ~18 hours of storm to go!

Update: We got ~22" of snow. I hated it when it was coming down... but I'm starting to warm up to it. Its fun to throw it at Daddy. He hee.


Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Fabulous subfloor! Hope the heavy snow stays around for Christmas so you can make a snowman for your mom and dad (or maybe they will help you make it)...

Anonymous said...

Better than the next door neighbor who is having his house re-roofed!

Grandma Aileen said...

Sounds like we have matching tracks in our front yard from heavy equipment. Someday we hope our painters will bring ladders to reach what the hoist could not.

Hope the storm is not going to delay your contractor.