Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xmas Eve

So many presents (mostly for ME)!! So little time. But alas, I was only allowed to open a few tonight.

I got to open a slightly belated present from Baby Luke. I LOVE it! In fact, I love it so much I didn't want to open any more presents. I just wanted to play with the play-doh!

Finally, Mommy got me to open the box from the Poehls family. Its Poehls family tradition to open some presents on Xmas eve. I was distracted by all of the fun foam peanuts.

And then I was distracted with the Play-doh again. Mommy took it away but promised I could play tomorrow - on Christmas!! Yeah!

I got lots of great presents in that box... including a cute hat, sweater, pants, and a big puzzle - that I also wanted to open and play with. Man... I'm not sure opening presents on Xmas eve is fun. You can't play with anything yet because you have to go to sleep. But thanks to everyone... I can't wait to play/wear your presents soon!

I finally got into opening presents and mistakenly opened Daddy's present. He was a little sad because he only has a few presents. He liked the book though. Thanks!

The one present Mommy and Daddy did let me play with (because otherwise it was going to keep annoying them, making baby sounds randomly in the background) was my new baby doll!! I LOVE IT!!


Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

We are so glad that your enjoyed Christmas Eve. It sounds like a fun tradition to open presents then and you got some really good ones as well. Enjoy playing with all of them tomorrow...

Gr said...

Everyone here really enjoyed your calendar of pictures! It will have a place of honor by the kitchen phone keeping tabs of all those important birthdays and anniversaries!

RGW said...

Cute! I hope you guys had a good one! Rxx

Auntie Lisa said...

Your cousins, Becky and Joey, still love to get the Poehls Family box(s) from California!! Auntie Kristy taught them that the peanuts were actually "CA Snow". We got some snow on the ground here in Colorado, but certainly not 22 inches. By the way, didn't your mommy help you make a snow turtle?

Enjoy your new toys!