Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hanging out

We've actually been doing quite a bit but of course didn't have a camera or it ran out of batteries (the Mommy curse) - Mommy, Davin and I went to the old neighborhood block party to say hi to old friends.  We've had quite a few picnics, at the park and even on our front lawn. We also put up a swing in our tree in the front yard.  I get to go swing every night when I get home.  Despite all the fun, all we have are pictures of us being couch potatoes!  Sometimes crazy fun couch potatoes... but still on the couch/jungle gym.

Its always best to have snacks and a bunny when being lazy on the couch.

Baby brother has discovered his hands... and LOVES to eat them!
Daddy was playing with baby brother.  Lots of smiles!
I wanted to get in on the fun.  Aren't we all just too cute!?
Kisses for baby brother.
I'm not sure if baby brother was trying to kiss me back or eat me!
Oh yeah, Mommy was there too.


Grandma Poehls said...

Your own swing! Can't wait to see the pics & all those pretty flowers around the tree.

And that great plumeria flower clip looks like you are ready to visit Hawaii

Dalton Wyatt Gray said...

You have a beautiful family and all of you are so stinkin' cute! Mommy says she wishes I was a little more of a couch potato because she gets tired of always chasing me (hence our lack of updates since May). Have fun with baby brother - boys are awesome!

Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Too cute, you say, I disagree -- super cute is a better description. Don't worry too much about being couch potatoes, we are sure you will find and do a lot of things along the way...