Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Parade & Festival

So we didn't quite make it there for the parade, but it was still a great day!  I got a new T-shirt to support the Noyes Children's Library (the only public all children's library in the USA - and its in my town), a balloon, funnel cake, a sno-cone, and lots of stickers.  I was supporting every political candidate out there (the good thing about election time).  I even got a great sticker of an elephant. 

Family picnic with a healthy main course - FUNNEL CAKE w/ EXTRA SUGAR!
did I mention the extra sugar?
I also got my face painted.  I held still like a good girl.  It tickled.
Baby brother hung out with Mommy while I got my face painted.
I got a pretty blue butterfly with pink spots.  NICE.
Then the real fun began - BOUNCIES!!  Tons of them.
Super slide bouncers.  The small one at the bottom of the stairs is me.  I had some trouble getting all the way to the top.  Daddy had to come help me.
All the better because we got to slide down together!
I could handle Mickey Mouse though.  Take that!
It was an exhausting but super fun day.


ekapooki said...

Di - your hair looks so good!

DDdd said...

I think Davin's mohawk looks better, but thanks!

Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Funnel cake, sno cones and a slide -- what a great day! You even got your dad to go sliding with you -- you couldn't ask for anything more. Next time, you go can show your brother how to do all those things...