Monday, December 27, 2010

Double check

Today Davin and I went to the doctor and we BOTH got a check up.

Our stats:
Davin - 15 lbs 4 oz (20th percentile), 26.5 in (50th percentile)
Me - 27 lbs (25th percentile), 37 in (50th percentile)  aka tall and skinny... Daddy's worse nightmare.

I also had to do 'tricks' for the doctor - stand on one leg, jump up and down, identify shapes, and draw things.  I drew a circle, the letter 'T', and a square.  She said I was super smart.  Apparently, you're supposed to be able to draw a square at 5 years old and I'm only 3!

She didn't say Davin was smart.  He was physically advanced, not mentally advanced like me.  He was always moving and tried to crawl off the table.  He's a lean, mean, fighting machine!  She predicts that he'll be quick and curious and a big ol' trouble maker getting into everything!  I'm a good girl though. 

I like the doctor's office.  :-)

1 comment:

Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Yes, you area a good girl -- that's why you got so many great presents for Christmas. I am sure, that when Davin is old enough, he will be a good boy as well...