Sunday, December 26, 2010

O Christmas Tree

You hath shared your bounty... finally!  And what a wonderful Christmas treasure there was... TONS of presents for me.  Thank you everyone and Santa too!

Some of my favorites include this vReader... aka my own computer... and Uno Moo.

I'm also enjoying being a rock star with my new guitar (pronounced GEE-tar).

Davin loved it when I played with my new puppets.  

He also started to get into the hang of unwrapping presents... though he would have been better if he hadn't slept through the first part of Christmas.  I had almost unwrapped ALL of my presents by the time he woke up!

Part (a large part) of his unwrapping technique involved eating the wrapping paper.

Its kind of a constant thing with him... eating stuff... 

It was a great Christmas.  And we're having fun playing with all of our new toys... I like Davin's and my toys... so really I got twice as much!  By the way, did I say thank you!?


I can't wait for Christmas to come again!  I hope you had a great one too... with family (even an annoying little brother), a big tree, a warm fire, and some hot cocco (I had my first cup... yum!)

Oh, by the way... all these pictures were taken with Mommy's new camera that she got for Christmas.  Its really cool, but I'm not allowed to play with it.  :-(


Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

What a great Christmas! New toys, hot cocoa, a warm fire -- what more could you ask. You're right -- next year should be even better (when Davin gets really into opening presents).

Auntie Jan said...

Looks like you and your brother had a fabulous Christmas! Maybe your Mom will let you play with her old camera.

I can't wait to see you and Davin next month. Until then, love you lots!

Dalton Wyatt Gray said...

I like the one of your little brother trying to eat the purple ornament. It looks like something I would try to do. Maybe little brothers can be kinda cool sometimes?