Tuesday, February 8, 2011

California - 1 Reunion

Sorry it took so long to get pictures up from our California trip.  Mommy's been working late this week on a paper that she's very excited about.  

California was great.  We played at the park A LOT!!  It was so warm that we could play at the park every day!  It was awesome.

Some of Mommy's friends came to visit. And I made some new friends too.

My new friends Alex(andra) and Wyatt had fun drawing with me.  First on paper...

Then on the walls... Alex was practicing making her mark and running away.

And on the sidewalk.  

Then we walked down the street for some running around time at the park.  Wyatt was really nice and shared his favorite shovel and rake with me! 

Ride 'em cowboy.

Alex had fun playing with her little brother Michael.

Davin even decided to explore too. 

We migrated from the small kid playground to the big kid playground.

The see saw was the place to be!

How many people can we fit on the see saw?  We got up to 7.

The swings were pretty fun too.

Michael and Davin made friends too.

Davin wanted to be like Michael.  He followed him around for a while, but he wasn't quite big enough to walk yet.  Though he's getting really good at standing up.

There are more great pictures on Wyatt Taft's blog (link on the right).


Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Parks are so much fun and you got to enjoy it with so many kids -- that makes even better! When we see you next, you and Davin will have to take us to the park and show us all that you have learned and what you liked to do the most.

Grandma Aileen said...

Dr. Bridget (Di's friend) and Erin lent Davin a car seat. THANKS! This really helped travel with two kids having car seats at each end.