Thursday, February 10, 2011

California - 3 Poehls Family

Most of Grandpa Ken's brothers and sisters came over to meet Davin and see how much I've grown.
I got all dressed up in a new dress and a new tiara for the occasion.

I made a special new friendship with cousin Alex.  He seemed to really like my vReader.

Auntie Anita, baby Ava and her grandma came over to play as well.


Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Wow! All the new friends and family you have. We bet you can't wait to go back to So Cal and see them again (it looked like you and Davin had a a lot of fun).

Grandma Aileen said...

Baby Ava now has a baby brother too! Davin will have a new friend when we go back. Ava gets to be a big sister and will have to learn to share her toys.