Wednesday, August 3, 2011

and underground

For the afternoon, we tried to beat the heat by going underground into a giant cave - Lurray Caverns. It was pretty darn cool - temperature-wise and otherwise. There were ICICLES hanging from the ceiling! 

 My favorite were the reflections!  I thought they were coming out of the bottom... but it was an underground lake.  Awesome.

 Davin was fascinated too.  He kept pointing and squeaking.
We were sad to come up into the heat (still only low 90s instead of 107 in the city).  I was comforted by a yummy Popsicle. 

After all the excitement from the day, Davin and I both went to bed quickly.  Unfortunately, Mommy & Daddy woke up Davin when they came to bed and then none of us slept for about 45 minutes. We almost drove back to DC (only 80 miles), but we stuck it out and made it through.   Davin and I were both sad to pack up camp the next morning after a yummy sausage and eggs breaky.  We were going to try another hike, but it started raining so we headed back home.  On the way home, I started a new tradition... collecting wildflowers.
 Apparently it wasn't raining there... it was in the 100s again.  It was a perfect time to try out Davin's birthday present from Grandma Aileen & Grandpa Ken.  A great mini-pool, sprinkler playground!


Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Wow!!! The cave looked super! And, you got to start your new tradition in flower picking. Did you do anything with them (like press them in a book -- we know -- books are passe)?

Grandma Aileen said...

It must have been nice to go into the cave to escape the heat. Imagine dirty icicles in the summer?

(I remember playing in the basement of our house on hot days. We didn't have A/C back then.)

Glad you all like the pool and sprinklers. Hopefully it will also give you a cool place to play while it's so hot there!