Sunday, December 11, 2011

4 years and a grandma

I'm a super big girl now.  4 years old!!  Woohoo. We went over to my friend Ben's house (whose birthday is on the SAME exact day as MINE) to celebrate. We made homemade pizza and played a whole bunch. I got some great presents - thank you!

I've been playing with one of them a lot today - a new digital camera that is just for me!!
Grandma Aileen came to visit this weekend, so I got to take lots of pictures of all of the fun things we did. (well at least lots of pictures). We picked out an Xmas tree - everyone voted for one tree but insisted on the taller one... we got the taller one and its AWESOME. I can't wait to finish decorating it.

We did other arts and crafts to decorate.  We showed Grandma how to make 3D snowflakes, and we finished making this years ornaments to give away - penguins, polar bears and snowmen. Grandma showed us how to make paper chains.  And then we all baked holiday cookies.  The best part was the sprinkles! It was really nice to enjoy family for the holidays.

We also went downtown. We tried to go the building museum, but there was a special event and it was closed... so we showed Grandma the choo choo trains at the National Botanical Garden and played at the Mall.

A great weekend! We'll work on downloading MY pictures to post soon!  Thanks for visiting Grandma Aileen. We miss you already.


Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Such a big girl -- maybe instead of being President, you can be an ace photographer for National Geographic magazine (you like animals so much). Maybe, you can make us some good food when we see you next (just put lots of sprinkles on them). In the meantime, keep taking pictures -- cant wait see them!

Grandma Aileen said...

Malia and Sasha Obama were at the National Building Museum with their parents for "Christmas in Washington" airing on TNT at 8pm ET/PT. Next time I visit we'll go back to see that museum when the First Family is not there taping television specials.

So tell your mom and dad they can just copy your photos from your SD card. That way you can save those really good ones and not have to delete pictures for space. Maybe next year you'll learn to do that yourself!

And everyone if my office here LOVED the cookies you shared with them. They disappeared in a snap!

Grandma Aileen said...

I'm glad to hear your camera didn't break when you dropped it. I'll look for a lanyard you can use to help you hang on to it and also a larger than 32 MB SD card. (Don't put it in movie mode... it will eat up all your storage space!)

Glad I got to spend a weekend with you and Davin getting ready for Christmas. Your house looks really festive!