Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fourth of July sizzle - bike parade

It was a HOT Fourth of July here. Luckily we had A/C back, but the damage to the area meant that our usual Kensington fireworks (in walking distance) were canceled!!  What is the 4th without fireworks?!?!

So we decided to try a new tradition - the Kensington bike parade - complete with free ice cream afterwards. Unfortunately, that was cancelled TOO and no one told us.  No one told a bunch of other kids, including my neighbor Maddie, too. So we made our own bike parade, played at the grey park, and went out for ice cream with my neighbor afterwards.

Maddie, Mave and me. 

We were all decked out for the 4th. We got to decorate our bikes and everything!

Davin decorated his scooter.

Grandma went all out too! (Daddy was a bit more of a grump, but he did put on a flag shirt... we'll take it!)
Our festive transport bonanza.


Grandma Aileen said...

If your Fourth of July is always as hot as this year, you should consider a swim party instead! I'm glad I got to celebrate our country's birthday with you.

Grandpa Jim/Nana Lynn said...

Bikes are good! Exercise, fresh air, fun -- what's not to like? (And don't worry about your grumpy Dad -- they get that way sometimes.)