Saturday, July 14, 2012

A hot grandma

Five days before the 4th of July we had a huge storm come through and knock down trees EVERYWHERE.  We lost power for 3 days!!

I thought it was fun because Grandma Aileen came to visit and she had to have a sleepover in my room -- it was WAY cooler (~10degrees) downstairs that upstairs.  Daddy said, "Physics works." Whatever that means.

Grandma was awesome. She stayed at home with Davin and me while Mommy and Daddy went to  work and the doctor. We put on a puppet show for Mommy & Daddy.

And we did tons of arts and crafts - a butterfly wind chime, beads... anything I wanted!
She stayed for a whole week this time!! And lucky for her, there was only 1.5 days without power (and A/C). We got power back before the hottest, over 100 deg, days hit. Whew.

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Grandma Aileen said...

Don't forget you have puppets downstairs in Davin's room too. Make up a story and have another puppet show! I had lots of fun cutting, gluing, painting, and stringing with you. Hope you put your new necklace and bracelet in with your dress-ups.