Friday, January 18, 2008

Alright Already!

While its nice to know that so many people care about me and read my blog... really now! Give mom a break. She's sorry she hasn't put up new pictures and stories for over a week. Its been a busy week!! And the the week before, I was being very cranky. Its not nearly as fun to put up pictures of a crying baby.

Anywho... this week was a big one. I went to day care for the first time at Books & Blocks. This is me and Ms. Shelby. She spoils me as much as, if not more than, Mommy & Daddy. (Ms. Shelby has 3 boys and no girls.) There are lots of other kids there to entertain and distract me during the day. I'm always good at day care and rarely ever cry - I save my fussing and crying for home. :-) I figure Mommy & Daddy HAVE to love me whether I cry or not.

Mom had a day off on Monday while I went to day care. So she went to the chiropractor to fix all the damage I've done - and got a very nice massage while there. And she chopped off all her hair. I guess I finally got strong enough to pull hard. We're not sure if we like the new hair cut - I can't cause Mom as much pain now, but then again, I no longer have that annoying hair in the way of my food! No one likes hair in their food.

Look at how strong my grip has gotten. Mom's hair was so long she donated it to make wigs for sick people. (Once Mom can convince Dad to take a picture, I'll add a picture of Mom's new hair cut. Its okay.)


ekapooki said...

Funny that you donated your hair as that's my plan for my birthday this year - to cut off all my hair and donate to Locks of Love. I think it's awesome that you thought to do that!!!!!

RGW said...

Wow - you are a big girl now - daycare already! When is mommy back to work? Hopefully she still has some time off to recover - and definitely get that photo up, want to see these new locks!

Missaghiah said...

Di this blog is soooooo cute. I love reading it. When there is no new comment from you, I go back and read the old ones again.....
Dahlia is growing so fast...big girl now....going to daycare. So cute.

Grandma Aileen said...

You know that is the right way to raise your kids - have them behave when away from you, and if they have to act up, have their parents around to help them through it. What a good start to parenting!!

Short hair is easier to deal with isn't it? I'm proud of you for donating it.