Thursday, March 6, 2008

3 months

I'm three months old!! Wow how time flies. Hum... some of my new tricks. I'm getting better with my hands. I've now successfully brought my paci to my mouth 3 times. Shhh! Don't tell Mommy and Daddy that it was an accident. I've pulled it out of my mouth way more!

My legs are also getting really strong. I can stand up... with a little help. I can hold my weight, but someone has to make sure I don't tip over. In my defense, I'm usually standing on someone's lap - not the most stable platform... Mommy's still got a few soft spots. :-)

Now if I could only sleep through the night, Mommy and Daddy would be really proud... they can dream.


Dan & Lynn said...

My, she IS getting big! I thought she was sleeping through the night (at least on some nights she was)?

RGW said...

Sleeping through the've got 18years of no sleeping through the night....:0)

Super cute photos, she is such a big girl now, smiling, standing, eating hands.....!